Trooper - 
helping every day is so easy! is a Belgian platform that allows users to support non-profit organizations financially through online purchasing for everyday items.

Trooper was a startup which appeared on the market in 2016. The idea was to cooperate with online shops and with non-profit organizations to enable users to support associations and their volunteers easily during online shopping via Trooper.

Trooper's founders launched first prototype version of the website basing on the WordPress system. Initially, Trooper had 5 associations registered. Founders of the platform knew that the concept was great, but they had amateur technical solutions, no experience and no tools to make it successful and develop and scale the platform.



To build a well-functioning platform enabling online shopping and generating cashback for associations.

To scale a platform - to cooperate with more associations and more online shops, enabling them to registrate.


At the beginning Trooper's team wasn't able to manage the platform at all. There was a lot of maintenance work to be done, also poor technological solution prevented the platform from smooth functioning.

Starting cooperation with Leaware, Trooper's had prototype version of the website basing on the WordPress system with 5 associations registered. The scalability of the platform was the main challenge - adding new associations and partners required a lot of work.

After gathering all the requirements and creating a solution it simply turned out that WordPress won't be sufficient. Leaware started building a dedicated platform enabling adding organizations, settling transactions and cashback transferring automatically.

Despite the limited budget, Leaware provided the customer with the first version of a working solution within just 3 weeks and was delivering next versions efficiently. As a result, it was possible to conduct a verification of business scalability and move on with the development of the project. Within 2.5 years of the implementation of solutions developed for the system, databases of supported non–profit organizations increased by over 40 000%. 




Elisabet Lamote, founder of


CURRENT STATE is now a successful platform, one of the biggest in Belgium. Over 4 years have passed since the first version of the solution was launched. Now the platform is stable, enables adding new organizations automatically and the process of settling a large amount of transactions is very easy. now:

  • almost 8 500 registered associations and organizations

  • more than 1 000 online shops in cooperation

  • more than 500 000 users

  • 45,5 million EUR - value of purchases made via Trooper in 2020

  • 1.2 million EUR donated to associations and charities in 2020


Thanks to the assistance of the Leaware team, the company was able to set up a CMS team that helped reduce the required maintenance for their developers by as much as 60%. This will allow the company to focus their efforts more on improving the platform for the customers.

The flexibility of the team and the way they are open for feedback is impressive.

It's an ongoing project and hopefully it won't get an enddate!

Arne Van Ioo - Digital Lead,