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This is one of the most common practices that several companies can do to improve their productivity and effectiveness when designing, developing, and creating a variety of digital products.

The objective of this method is to provide you with the necessary personnel to solve failures in your organization’s processes, as well as lay the foundations so that the solution to specific problems can be managed.

This is otherwise known as outsourcing and is used to meet specific objectives in organizations. Augmenting the team add qualified technical staff to the internal development team for various tasks, such as programming apps or hybrid applications. The member of staff joins your team on a short, medium or long term basis.

Business Team

This modality has been on the market for years and consists of adding additional personnel to a company's team. It is key for these personnel to be provided by an external company that will act as a specialist strategic partner and this is what Leaware can do for you. This option is right for you if you need to fill highly specialized positions on a temporary basis.

How do we do it ?

Developers who work alongside an organization’s employees will perform on-demand roles for as long as the organization needs them. This collaborative approach enables innovative and creative solutions, resulting in streamlined and competitive products. This increase in staff can occur during the development stage or during the last phases of the project. Team augmentation is convenient for organizations who need to add external developers who they can communicate directly with and assign tasks to.

Step 1 - Selecting the team

A disadvantage of this method is only specific skills are looked for when selecting candidates which limits the talent pool.

At Leaware, we take care of doing extensive research on the objectives of your organization to understand them and use them as a selection method. From this, we can select an appropriate candidate with a suitable profile who will help you to meet your objectives.  

Step 2 - Objective Perspective

The perspective of an external opinion is useful for a company with ongoing projects. This perspective is an invaluable tool which can be used to add creativity and objectivity to the development of your organization’s digital products.

Listening to opinions from an external perspective increases workplace productivity and innovative ideas that are in line with current trends. Team augmentation is an efficient and profitable way to hire talented professionals in the short, medium and, on some occasions, the long term. The length of time that you will have the external member of staff depends on your requirements.


Step 3 - Choosing

Once our HR team has a selection of suitable candidates to join your team, we will manage the interview process in which you will play an active part. You will be able generate and ask the questions to the interviewees to ensure that the right candidate is chosen for your team.

When you are deciding who you is the best candidate, you can consult with Leaware, who will give you their objective opinion. We do this to make sure that the most appropriate candidate matched to your needs and requirements is selected.

Step 4 - Implementing Strategies

Once you have selected the new member of your team, we will ensure that throughout the time that they are working with you, they implement strategies designed at Leaware. Primarily, we do this to ensure that the work that they complete meet our high-quality standards.

When the worker is established in the team, Leaware will ask you to provide feedback on the worker’s skills so we can evaluate whether they were the most appropriate choice. In the unlikely event that their skills don't match your needs, Leaware will proactively arrange for another developer to join you.

Step 5 - Operational Efficiency

Most importantly, the worker that is integrated into your team will be autonomous. The worker will analyze what they need to do and what methods they need to use to achieve their targets. They do not depend on other members of the team as they have experience of resolving issues independently. In addition to the autonomous working, it is the worker’s duty to complete all set tasks to ensure that the objectives of your organization are achieved.

It is Leaware’s duty to monitor, control, and provide evidence that shows that the employees work is efficient. This will ensure the operability and reliability of the digital product that they are developing.

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