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Swave to save

Swave app is a customer card at city or municipality level and an individual loyalty card for local merchants. It helps local governments and retailers boost local consumption within an all-in-one platform. Consequently, consumers automatically save money in various ways while paying cashless at participating retailers. They save money in the form of cashback (money paid back onto their account) or points (for material rewards or vouchers). 

Shopping, car parking, other local services. After downloading an app and securely linking it to a bank account by a customer, everything goes automatically and fastly, both for customers and retailers. Payments made locally are tracked, loyalty points are being gathered, rewards are ready to choose (or a percentage of every transaction is going back to a customer's account). For retailers it is a way to say "thank you" for customers' loyalty. For customers it's a way to get rewards and discounts by supporting retailers locally. S(w)aving is easy!



The client weren’t satisfied with the quality of an existing app, so asked Leaware for help with the development. The idea was to create all-in-one solution, without scanning separate customer cards or QR codes.

Key challenges of Swave were:

  • creating an app enabling people saving money and getting rewards automatically while paying cashless

  • after integrating it with bank accounts, finding a clear model to track and identify transactional data from all different banks smoothly

  • finding a solid tech partner for the app development.

After taking this project, Leaware's team started working on cleaning the code and refactoring, building an app in Flutter both for Android and iOS, improving its quality and functionalities. The whole system for automatic cashback and loyalty points was set up. Leaware successfully met the needs of the startup, helping them achieve their goals and preparing their app to scale up.




Witryna sklepowa


A group of cooperating merchants is enlarging every week. Also more an more Belgian cities like Brugge, Ghent, Kortrijk are joining Swave loyalty programme.

After launching a mobile app, a web version is planned. Now Swave is getting funding from a WinWinner campaign to accelerate their growth in 10 central Flemish cities.


We're thrilled by Leaware. Equipped with expertise in app development, they have consistently delivered high-quality work. The team has proven itself to be a true and valuable partner by building trust and remaining flexible. Furthermore, their impeccable project management and communication skills ensure a smooth process.

Leaware is a trustworthy team that provides excellent app development.

Jencey Provoost - Founder, Swave

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