Trooper is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organizations through online purchasing for everyday items. The use of the website is free, both for buyers and the social organizations using the Trooper platform.


Trooper was a start-up which appeared on the market in 2016. Its originators then launched the first prototype version of this website based on the WordPress system. Initially, the service operated 5 non-profit organization and amateur technological solutions prevented the smooth functioning of the entire system. Trooper's founders knew that their concept worked they only needed tools that would provide the platform with success.


Professional system: Programming a professional system enabling constant development and expansion of the website

New solutions: Development and introduction of new functionalities that will improve processes related to the functioning of the platform

Convenience and mobility: Creating solutions that will develop a more user friendly website. Launching of a mobile application










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- Users choose which non-profit organisationt hey would like to help
- Using the unique organisation page on the Trooper platform, they switch to their favourite online stores where they shop
- They pay for their shopping (the same value that would be paid when not using trooper), and part of the value of their purchases returns to the chosen non- profit organisation
- Users can also set up a website for their own non-profit organisation and support the organisation thought it


Trooper is a huge success because it’s very important to understand customers’ problems and use appropriate technological solutions! Despite the limited budget, within just 3 weeks of undertaking the project, Leaware provided the customer with the first version of a working solution. As a result, it was possible to conduct a verification of business scalability and move on with the development of the project. Within 2.5 years of the implementation of solutions developed for the system, databases of supported non – profit organizations increased by over 40 000%. Almost three years have passed since the first version of the solution was launched. Leaware continues to support the development of the website, ensuring the system's reliability and expanding it with new functionalities. Our cooperation was a great success, mainly due to Leaware's flexible approach. The project was developed rapidly and efficiently because we kept adapting our operating methods to the state of Trooper at each stage of its development. In the beginning, while looking for a business model, it was more profitable to invest significant funds in validating business hypotheses, but now we simply continue to be flexible, and add new functionalities while taking care of the solution's stability and scalability.



I met Tomasz from Leaware via a recommendation by another Startup, We have been working closely together for almost 2 years now and have had ups downs, but we are still happy with our choice and believe that Leaware is a good partner to rely on and build our Trooper platform with. They always try to solve issues in a very constructive way and consider all the feedback very carefully

Elisabet Lamote, owner / Trooper