Video chat application is a modern mobile application (iOS, Android) integrated with the Twilio service and a backend hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. The application allows users to simply communicate with OmaSp bank.


Oma Säästöpankki Oy is the largest savings bank in Finland. Oma Säästöpankki serves its 135,000 customers via 39 branches and 250 employees who take care of the highest level of customer satisfaction every day. Oma Säästöpankki is a modern organization that puts its clients first. It is a bank of many possibilities, which strives for long-term growth through better understanding of customers and adapting to the changing needs of users. Unlike to traditional banking, OmaSp offers extensive mobile banking to be even closer to its clients and enable them to take care of banking matters anytime and anywhere without the need to visit a branch office. OmaSp, as a bank wishing to be in step with the changing needs of its clients, needed a simple tool for mobile communication its clients and the bank. OmsSp already had an application design and concrete specifications, it only needed a team that would refine the assumptions and implement and integrate the designed solution.


IMPROVEMENT OF COMMUNCATION: implementation and integration of a professional solution to improve the bank system of communication between clients and agents

CONVENIENCE AND MOBILITY: creating a simple to use, friendly mobile application for organizing online meetings with bank clients.

NEW SOLUTIONS: development and implementation of new functionalities that will improve the work of agents and make it easier for bank clients to use the application






language version


mobile app






• Download the mobile application
• Register an account or choose the option to use the application without registration
• Use a valid phone number to verify your profile
• Choose a convenient time and arrange an online meeting with the selected bank agent


In order to meet the changing needs and expectations of clients, OmaSp, wants to be in step with them and is constantly developing mobile banking. The recently implemented video chat application is very popular among the bank's clients. The number of application users and positive feedback about its functionality is still growing. The application has also gained recognition among bank employees, for whom it is a tool that facilitates daily work and contact with the client.



The basic assumption of the project was to improve communication between bank employees and clients. The main element of the system is a modern mobile application (iOS, Android) integrated with the Twilio service and a backend hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Thanks to efficient communication with the client and full transparency, cooperation was at the highest possible level.
- Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Lead Developer /Leaware