Hempel is one of the world's largest paint coatings supplier for decorative, land, maritime, container and yacht segments. The company's main goal is to guarantee customers better protection and greater sustainability of investments. Hempel, therefore, focuses on research and development, introducing modern production methods and providing professional advice on painting solutions. Thanks to over 100 years of experience in the market, the company is a world leader in the field of protective coating technologies. Currently, Hempel has around 6,000 people in 80 countries, providing customers with trusted and valued solutions all over the world.


Hempel is a global supplier of paint coatings taking part in many industry trade fairs around the world. As an experienced exhibitor, Hempel is well aware of the problems associated with encouraging potential clients to stop at a company’s trade fair stand and interact. Hempel needed a solution that would engage potential customers in an interesting way, and thus increase the number of visitors to the booth.


Creating an easy-to-use solution that would attract potential customers to the company's trade fair stand and encourage stay longer.

Presenting the company as a modern and worthy interest.

Developing a solution that will allow collecting statistical data regarding people who visited the stand.






Detected faces


Windows APP






Hempel Smile is a final product designed and created on the basis of the demo, Microsoft IntelligentKiosk application, based on the needs and expectations of the customer. The main purpose of the Hempel Smile application is to gain the interest of potential customers at various trade fairs in which the company participates. The application based on artificial intelligence algorithms engages potential clients by face detection and analysis. The solution shows, among other things, the potential age of a person, sex and information about emotions. It is a modern and friendly way of gaining new customers.
How does it work?
• The customer approaches the stand and is registered by the camera
• It detects the face of the client and encourages interaction
• The application shows the potential age of a person, sex and information about emotions
• The application also generates generates data for analysis by the issuer


The Hempel Smile app successfully made its debut at two Hempel company events. The solution was very popular among colleagues who were curious to test the new trade fair tool. The main assumption of the project has been realised - the application is an element encouraging potential clients to approach the company's stand and interact. Among the testers, there was a great interest in the new technology. During the presentation of the solution to internal branches of the company, there were interesting suggestions regarding new functionalities and application possibilities.



We worked with Leaware S.A. on a facial recognition app which uses Artificial Intelligence. That was a great experience to cooperate with them – everything went smoothly and all (minor) issues were solved immediately. The project was finished on time and I hope we will cooperate in the future. I would recommend Leaware S.A. as a trustworthy and professional partner.
Magdalena Marek //Project manager Digital Soltions