Crowdbeamer is a digital presentation system developed by Roryco, a Belgian startup located in Edegem.


The challenge was to stream the same video content to different devices and platforms. Each platform needed a different approach to get the same result. The process was challenging yet very instructive. We used Gstreamer to link a wide variety of media processing systems and export them to all the different devices.

It was one of the first apps we worked on that would be used on that many platforms, so it required technical precision and a lot of testing.


Transferring presentations to personal device

Available for mobile devices

Available for Windows and macOs






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avawards winner

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at Guangzhou CIEF 2019


Cool Tool Award


The app not just enables you to follow any presentation that is streamed by the crowdbeamer device, it also lets you zoom in for more detail, capture the content and add notes, mark text, … to build a library of personalized handouts. Exporting handouts to other business apps or sharing them with peers is a snap.

How it works:
1. Open the app
2. Connect to the crowdbeamer Wi-Fi network
3. Follow the presentation on your own device, zoom, edit and/or share with others.

Supported formats:
- Presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.)
- Pictures (PNG, JPG, etc.)
- Video (YouTube, MP4, etc.)
- Documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
- Web pages
- ...

Works with:
- Crowdbeamer GO
- Crowdbeamer Enterprise

*This application is only compatibly with the accompanying crowdbeamer hardware.
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Crowdbeamer: Present anywhere, Reach everyone


Leaware developers were involved in development together with Flow Pilots, who were the main contractor for a project. Thanks great collaboration, the application was delivered on time with great quality.