CHARMANT Group is a leading global manufacturer of optical spare parts operating on the market since 1956. The company is constantly looking for the highest quality, not only in the products themselves but also in the choice of materials and the production and service process. Thanks to continuous development and optimization of its own technology, CHARMANT Group is a recognized global leader in the production of spectacles. The most important value for the CHARMANT Group is building excellent relationships with business partners and clients.


CHARMANT Group distributes its products all over the world and needed a solution that would facilitate everyday work of the company's sales representatives and allow for efficient management and optimization of sales processes. CHARMANT Group already had an old version of the application, whose operation did not meet their expectations. The company needed a team that would create a new version of the application, add necessary functionalities and launch a ready solution for the other regions of the company's operations.


creating a professional system enabling constant progression and development of applications in the future

• creating a solution, supplemented with new functionalities that will facilitate the everyday work of the company's sales representatives

launching the application system for other countries in which the company operates






language version




mobile operating systems and browser




The solution created for the needs of the project facilitates daily work, improves the efficiency of employees as well as the sales processes of the company. The application is intended for sales representatives of CHARMANT Group and senior employees. The solution enables employees to quickly organize work, everywhere, without the need for additional equipment, filling out order forms and keeping a calendar of meetings. Everything that is needed in everyday work is in the CHARMANT mobile application installed on the tablet and is simple to use. It allows the users to place orders, make appointments and monitor reports and sales summaries. The application is connected to the company's web panel, thanks to which the sales data of each employee can be monitored directly by the supervisor.

How does it work?

1. The application user logs into an account where they can easily organize daily work and control current sales
2. The application user can place orders, arrange meetings and check summaries
3. Information on all orders and meetings are sent to the Web panel, where they are analyzed and checked by supervisors
4. The application facilitates the daily work of sales representatives and allows you to optimize the sales processes of the company


The new version of the CHARMANT application created for the project meets all the client's goals and expectations. The solution facilitates the everyday work of the company's sales representatives, and the additional functions and implemented modifications allow for efficient reporting and optimization of the company's sales processes. The system works efficiently in all areas of the company's operations. The technologies used in the project allow easy extension of the application in the future.



The basic assumption of the project was to build a new base of the system enabling multiplatformity, simple application development in the future and the possibility of extending the scope of the system to include new countries. The solution is to facilitate and improve the work of sales representatives in the company. Thanks to good cooperation with the client, we managed to achieve this effect together.
Cezary Kałandyk, Project Menager /Leaware