BeautyBox is a mobile application its main goal is to connect service providers in beauty services industry with clients. The application consists of two components, the first for customers looking for beaut services and the second for users who offer these services.


BeautyBox is a startup that wanted to release the first version of its solution on the market as soon as possible. The founders of BeautyBox already had the first version of the application and specific specifications as to its functionality. The current version of the solution did not meet their expectations. Poor code quality and the fact that the application has so far been created by two different teams contributed to the malfunctioning of the entire solution. The biggest requirement under this project was to reconcile existing code with changing customer requirements. BeautyBox needed a team that would refine the assumptions, fix errors in existing code and create a stable system that can be easily developed in the future.


TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER: establishing long-term cooperation with a professional, experienced team that meets all customer competence requirements.

STABLE SYSTEM: Creation of a professional system enabling continuous development and extension of the website in the future

CONVENIENCE AND MOBILITY: development and implementation of new product functionalities








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Android apps


Growth m/m


Main goal for Beauty Box is to connect service providers in beauty services industry with clients.
Person who is doing services is downloading app and registering in. From this moment you can start offering your services on the platform.
Clients also are downloading mobile app and can start setting appointments with a service providers.

How does it work?

• The application user registers the account or selects options for using the application without registration.
• Searches for cosmetic services at a place and time that interests him
• Can view and compare offers from service providers
• Application users can also book appointments for selected services, manage their reservations and issue grades.


Application consists of two components. The first for customers looking for cosmetic services, the second for service providers. The created system works stably, and the quality of the code and the technologies used allow easy development of the product in the future. The resulting solution is just a stable foundation on which new functionalities and components of the solution will be developed. Beauty Box is getting more and more users every month. Now we are working on adding new features to platform.



Leaware is doing a great work.
It was very tough decision to stop working with current software house and chaning to new one. Finally it was a very good decision and I'm very happy from results.

Nuno Monsanto / BBOX CEO