Agrippa Improvment is a web and mobile appliation for support the process registry, automated handling and reporting of nonconformities. The application allows users to store relevant captured data, such as images, barcodes, temperature, description, location, time, etc. using a smartphone.


Agrippa Solutions is a Norwegian company founded in 2013 and currently has a branch in Poland. The company started as a software house offering clients various types of programming solutions. At present, Agrippa provides consultancy services in the field of inventory control, logistics and the food market. Agrippa’s team consists of qualified specialists with extensive knowledge in the area of software development tailored to the customer's needs. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, the company has created proprietary systems for reporting and has assisted in the continuous improvement of processes in companies. Agrippa is constantly working on improving and developing its products to suit the changing needs of its customers. One of the company's proprietary solutions is Agrippa improvements, a tool for improving warehouse operations and reporting. Agrippa already had a desktop version of the solution, needed a team that would prepare and implement the mobile version of the product and implement the necessary modifications.


Additional functionalities: implementation of necessary modifications and implementation of new platform functionalities

Mobility and convenience: creation of a mobile version of the system that is easy to use, which will allow a wider use of the created solution

New technologies: the use of technologies that enable the expansion of applications with new functionalities in the future






mobile app




language version


implementation successfully


How does it work?
1. Together, we will select modules that will suit the needs of your organization. We will also deal with the implementation of the solution and employee training.
2. Start using Agrippa Improvements!
3. Delegate tasks and control everything that is happening in the warehouse
4. Your employes can report incidents, monitor the work of the warehouse and record deliveries using a mobile application that works offline
5. Monitor applications, problems and inquiries of employees
6. Save time and money by constantly improving processes related to the operations of the warehouse and its logistics


Agrippa improvment has been recognized by many Scandinavian logistics companies, grocery chains and hotels. Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, the solution is applicable in many branches of industry. The product has been very successful and the number of clients using the solution is constantly growing. Customers praise the system for its simplicity and ease of use, and its effects have a real impact on improving daily work and generating savings.



Leaware is a great support for us when developing one of our proprietary products: Agrippa Improvements. The Leaware team prepared and implemented a mobile version of our solution. Cooperation with Leaware is a pleasure: the team is professional, timely meets its obligations and quickly solves problems. Our teams cooperate efficiently and complement each other. Currently, we are working together on additional functionalities for Agripp Improvements.
Christian Svendsen / Partner Agrippa Solutions AS