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Robotic process automation (RPA) is the management for software users to create software robots or bots that can learn, imitate, and execute business processes based on rules.

They allow users to create bots by observing the digital actions of humans. RPA bots can be programmed, cloned, customized, and shared to run business processes across your organization.


How Robotic Process Automation can help?

Bots can copy and paste, extract web data, perform calculations, open and move files, parse emails, log into programs, connect to APIs, and extract unstructured data. As bots can adapt to any interface or workflow, there's no need to change existing systems, applications, or business processes. RPA applications enables your organization to grow orderly and quickly through the collection of real data.


You can carry out robust functionality tests, monitor the quality of the outputs, define objectives and expected benefits, ensure adequate training and adoption by users, and choose partners aligned with your long-term automation strategy. Among some specific benefits you can:

  • Reduce company costs.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of data collection.

  • Reduce operational risk.

  • Improve user experience.

  • Ensure compliance with data regulation.



BPM (business process management) ensures that the organizational and operational infrastructure is robust and efficient, while RPM aims to execute activities that a person could do, but at a much faster speed with a competitive success rate.

BPM can be seen as the basis on which the company operates, applying to this technology the orderly workflow that integrates users, systems, and data in a coordinated and effective way, being able to provide native integrations with external systems. RPA allows certain tasks in the company's workflow to be completed quickly, notably improving the time spent on repetitive tasks that generate bottlenecks. What we can achieve in Leaware by developing tools based on RPA is very vast, but we can achieve:

  • Information processing.

  • Connectivity.

  • Execute database actions.

  • Databases to collect information. 

  • Process logic built through a flow chart where the necessary properties are assigned to make it operate reliably.

  • Does this need further explanation?

Elimination of Errors (Bugs)

At Leaware, we will take care of establishing a digital product based on RPA that is extremely efficient at capturing bugs, manages the tasks to resolve bugs, and establishes preventive activities that prevent it from happening again. This process will be so fast that it will not be noticed in real time, but Leaware will provide a report of the cause, nature of the failure, and the solution.

RPA software is a great alternative to reduce or eliminate workloads, so  productivity is increased. From RPA software, you will experience first-hand your digital product working without failures or bugs. This in turn creates a better user experience.

How to Start

The process of implementing RPA technology in your organization begins with Leaware investigating your processes, the effectiveness of these processes, and its objectives. Leaware will then evaluate the results of the statistics of your results vs. what you would expect.

We gather external data to enrich the survey of requirements for possible automation software that best suits your organization once we have the administrative and operational processes of your company. We then establish the relationship between priority, complexity, and time for each RPA-BPA solution, starting with the development of the functional prototypes that are going to be evaluated.

The process of implementing RPA technology for your organization and digital product is constantly growing and allows you to capture opportunities for improvement. This process allows better, faster, and more effective solutions to be managed for your organization, where the diagnosis never stops. The cycle of research, development, implementation, and evaluation is in constant motion and you will see your digital product grow over time. In addition to this, you will be able to adapt the RPA technology to current trends and technologies.


Why Leaware ?

We are effective because we have tools and methods that we have developed by helping many of our clients for years. As a result, our clients meet the deadlines for the implementation of subsequent product development areas.  
We will provide you with a competence base and technological support regardless of the challenge you face while developing your digital product. 

Leaware is a solid technological partner you can trust. 


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