• Tomasz Soroka

Why is the daily stand-up so important when you work in SCRUM?

In this episode, I will tell you why we should not forget about daily stand-up in the context of work in the scrum model.

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Tom: Hi, everyone. Tom from Leaware is speaking here. Today, I will be talking about Scrum and especially about daily standup, which is very important even, event if you work in Scrum.

So what is the most important in daily standup and what is the biggest mistake made by many, many teams? The most important is that it should be short. So it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, maybe 15, but not more. So if in your team, if you see that the people who are involved in development of your product, your application, are talking like 40, 50 minutes every day during daily standup, then it means that they do it wrong. So this is not the session to discuss all details where all that you must be involved and after two, three weeks, developers say that it's boring and it doesn't bring any value, but it should be short summary.

What we did yesterday as the team to be closer to the, achieving the sprint goal, what we are going to do today. And if there are any blockers we should focus on to achieve our sprint goal. Yeah. So this is the team working and this is the short, very small planning session. So if we as a team are doing daily standups every day. Yeah. What should be, by the way, done every day. Then we just focus on planning what we are going to do and what kind of problems we had yesterday.

So, guys, I wish you all the best. I wish you best daily standups in the world and we see you soon. Bye!

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