• Tomasz Soroka

Trooper Q1: What is crucial for a startup to succeed?

An Interview with Elisabet Lamonte (Trooper's owner) from trooper.be . During this interview, Elisbet will talk about key moments during development, what is important when developing a business, and reveal the secret of Trooper's success Trooper is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organisations through online purchasing for everyday items.

What is crucial for a startup to succeed?

Lisa - Trooper.be is the startup that has been a huge success.


You, as the owner and originator of the platform - what do you think. What is crucial for a startup to succeed ?.

From your experience for me, crucial for a startup to succeed is to be able to take baby steps. So just starting with a minimum viable product, but with minimum, I mean minimum does not need to have everything in place, but start with the little things and start testing if your platform could work. If you could get clients if you could get traffic on your platform. And if that is going, then you should build step by step your platform.

Until one day, I hope the day will arrive a whole platform ever is finished, but it will never be finished.

So you should be able to reduce it till later, little things that you can handle and what you can make and go step by step.

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