• Tomasz Soroka

Retrospection - what is it, and why should be performed by scrum teams?

In this episode, I will tell you about retrospection in the context of work in the scrum model.

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Tom: Hi, everyone. Tom from Leaware is speaking here. Today I will be talking about retrospection.

Retrospection is very important even if you work in scrum, but many, many times people do not understand why retrospection should be performed by scrum teams. So, why we are, have such, such event and why it's important.

The first and the most important is that thanks to retrospection, teams can work better and better. They can collaborate better. They can make better progress. They can, polish their cooperation. But to achieve this, it's very important that we perform retrospection in quite specific way. So the first what is very important is that during retrospection, we should talk about all those things which were done well, yeah, we should also discuss why team did something well, and the third one is how to improve it in the future. So if we talk about things which we did well and we can even improve them in the future, then it means that we make progress.

The second stage of evry retrospection should be to discuss this what went wrong. Yeah. But it shouldn't be the main focus. So we talk about things which went well, which went also wrong. And if something went wrong, we discuss why, what happened, why something went wrong, and how we can change it in the future. So, this is very simple but in many, many case, people do not do it and then they don't see value in retrospection.

If we are talking about as a team about things which are tough for the team and we invite stakeholders, people who are not involved in development, they are not part of them of the development team. Then you can be sure that your developers will not open as they should. And the discussion may not be open and honest. He also this is very important that stakeholders are not invited to the retrospection. So I wish you very good, very nice retrospections, if you have any questions below the, the movie you can find me, you can find how to contact me. And I will answer all your questions.

Thank you very much. And goodbye.

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