We understand that the goal of a new project is always to provide business value to your customers. To achieve this, we need to understand the problem you want to solve. Then we focus on designing and developing a solution called MVP.

Project 360 AUDIT


In this step, we analyze whether your project is ready for implementation. We verify functional and non-functional requirements. This stage ends with providing you with a document in which you will receive a list of missing elements, risks, and preliminary estimation of the budget needed to implement your project.

Discovering and Design thinking

If your project requires analysis and suggesting creative solutions, this stage is for you. Using such methodologies and frameworks as Design Thinking, Hook Model, Aulet 24 steps, we will help you define MVP.


Preparation for a development

In this step, we will prepare your project to start development. We will prepare the needed specification, describe business logic and define acceptance criteria. If your project requires it, then final mockups and screen designs will be created at this stage. All artifacts will be adapted to the SCRUM methodology. The result of the work will be the product backlog. At this stage, we make an accurate estimation so that you can accurately estimate the budget you need.


In this step, we will prepare the prepared project. We work in the Scrum methodology, thanks to which new requirements and changes are easy to implement during development. Depending on your preferences, you can work with us as a Product Owner or as a business person. The development process is completely transparent.