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We help companies and startups build modern digital products by using best frameworks and methodologies.

We believe that innovation starts when new product help users do their jobs in a better way than in the past. 



Why Spotify disrupted cd and mp3 player devices market? They just discovered how to support users in their job called

"listening to music on the go"

better. Our goal is to help you do the same with your product.

Examples of unmet needs of cd players’ users discovered by Spotify: 

  • having all songs together with me all the time

  • no need to use separate device for listening to music while having a mobile phone 

  • listening to music cheaper and without limit (no need to buy a whole CD for one song)  

  • no losing time on searching for new songs 

  • easily creating my own playlist with my loved songs  

  • physical CD is easy to broke

Solution: an application available for all types of devices (phones, laptops, cars, tv, watches) where you can listen to millions of songs for free or with a small monthly subscription.

This is how exactly looks our innovation process which will help you to build your successful product.


We can help you with these challenges

  • I want to minimize the risk of building an application that users will not want to use (to build the right software)

  • I want to be sure that the application will be modular and easy to expand 

  • I want to be sure that the development budget will not be exceeded 

  • I want to be sure that the application will be built right (to build a software right)

How do we start ?

We translate your users’ unmet needs to a digital solution. We can advise you how to start work on building a product, providing necessary tools, processes, knowledge and experience. We will go with you through every phase of work on the solution, so as to launch the first version of the product (MVP) tailored to the needs of the market, within the specified budget and time.

The first step is to talk about your idea, your vision of the product.  

Our process is similar for startups as for companies who want to build a new product or just digitalize their processes. When we start our collaboration, we need to understand: 

  • Who is the user of your solution? 

  • What user jobs do you want to improve with your solution? 

  • Which users’ needs discovered during product discovery phase are unmet? (we should focus on them in the first version of your product)

  • Proposed features that are supporting those unmet needs

  • How do you want to measure success rate after releasing 1.0 version of MVP?

Then, in next steps we work collaboratively on: 

  • confirming budget for development of MVP version based on our “box” framework

  • preparing specification of an MVP version 

  • development and deployment

  • helping you with the next steps after release of a first version of your solution


Remember that the most important thing in developing a new digital product is to answer to unmet needs and validate MVP version with early adopters. Using our own new product discovery process (“box” method as we call it), we help you define the main goals for the first version of your solution and choose the most important functionalities, setting minimal budget.

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If you’re not sure in which area we can help you, download our checklist which can help you estimate how much invest in a development.



Let’s talk about your challenge

We are here to help! Our specialists can help you in setting your goals, describing features, 
estimating budget for your project or detecting problem areas in your software development. 
We have right tools, processes and people. Ask us any question.

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