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Product development process: Am I doing this right? 

You are not sure whether the development of your application is going as it should? 
It's ok! Many entrepreneurs are asking the same question!

You can check this quickly at any stage of your product development process NOW!

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With Development Of Your App for

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This analysis might be a real game changer for your business!
Do those challenges sounds familiar for you?

  1. Quality of my application or solution did not satisfy me

  2. Lot of regressions when new version is released

  3. Long release cycle

  4. Developers are not following my business needs and goals

  5. I feel that we use old technologies and they start be a bottleneck

  6. I'm not sure if our product development is on the top, middle or we are far behind peleton 

  7. I want to improve my product development process

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How does it work?

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Leave us your email! We will contact you and we will check if you qualify

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We will have a chat where you describe biggest challenges

Now it's our turn to imprese you

We digg into problems and based on 
best practices and our experience in Product Development we suggest
 solutions and quick wins

Well done!

You get a FREE REPORT with analysis

Areas of audit

Business goals support

Product quality

Architecture and code quality


Development and deployment process


What you will get in the report?

List of biggest challenges which currently 
are bottlenecks to generate more 
value by your software product development to your business

Advices what should be improved to achieve faster 
your business goals ?

Quick wins - what you can change with minimum effort to generate more value very fast

Who we are?

Hi my name is Tom! I'm CEO in Leaware. We are 50+ developers software house. We are located in Poland, with offices in Germany, Luxembourg, Finland.

My life mission is to help people to build the right software and build the software right.

Check my YouTube chanell here:

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Our Mission is helping our Customers in achieving their business goals at every stage of their product development

we build web, mobile apps and solutions


Meet one of our happy client and check what have we achieved together!

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We use the latest methodologies and constantly expanding our knowledge - we will help you and you will help us!

Yes, before starting work,
we sign the NDA with you,
so that, you are 100% safe

Its about 3-5 days. It depends from side of your product and type of problems.

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