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Flutter app development


Flutter is the number one cross-platform framework available today and should be considered when planning any digital project.


At Leaware, we specialize in the development of Flutter applications with the goal of solving your needs and meeting the expectations of your product’s users, keeping in mind the objectives of your organization. At Leaware, we have designed a new and unique code base that allows us to create high-quality digital products with a wide range of features that will address your project needs and goals.

Flutter is based on the Dart language and provides full native performance on Android and iOS devices.

Business Team

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How do we do it ?

Step 1 - Workshops

To begin with, Leaware offers you workshops for staff in your organization to attend. In this workshop, the team from your organization will meet Leaware’s development team.

In the workshop, our team will discuss ideas about application functionality and how to adapt to the needs of customers. At these workshops, we will also learn more about your business and the objectives of your organization.

Step 2 - UX & UI Design

Once we have aligned ourselves with the objectives of your organization, goals, and the needs of your users, we begin the design stage where we focus on the user experience.

The user interface is what customers will see when they use the application. At this point, we obtain information about user’s behavior as these observations could help us to better develop your digital product.


Step 3 - Interactive Prototyping

At the end of this stage, our developers have created a functional prototype which gives you the ability to test the products functionality. With the prototype, we can further develop your product.

Step 4 - Flutter App Development

We then move to the stage where our Flutter developers create the code for your digital product. Thanks to our expert developers, the product will start to take shape.

We use the Scrum methodology to develop your Flutter application, based on the organization’s objectives, goals, and needs of your users.

During this time, you will be able to communicate with the Leaware team who are involved in developing your project. The development of the product and our workplan will be based your expectations and needs.

Step 5 - Quality Assurance Testing

Flutter app development goes through a strict quality control process that ensure you receive a high-quality product which is devoid of errors and gives your user a positive user experience.

We put your digital product through rigorous tests where we evaluate its development and performance under normal operating conditions and correct any errors.

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Understand more about our app development with our white paper, essential knowledge before starting!

Our Flutter app clients

With plenty of experience in flutter app development, we have helped companies to develop useful and innovative solutions, addressing their needs

As a mobile app project for iOS and Android platforms, Braveland was challenging from the start. The solution was to create an application through which users will not only learn the principles of healthy and proper nutrition, but also every day will have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. The application is based on an RPG game, which is supposed to motivate through gamification to constant development.

Montanje braveland pagina.png

Brave Land

Thanks to the exciting gameplay in a world full of adventure, physical activity becomes a pleasure rather than an obligation.


The main goal of the application developer was to introduce a solution that in a modern and original way will engage users to lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


The main challenge was to combine in the application elements of physical activity with exciting RPG gameplay. An additional difficulty was choosing the right technology that would enable creating application of this type on both platforms simultaneously. The chosen technology was Flutter, whose flexibility and capabilities fit perfectly into the project.


The Leaware team, made up of experienced and strongly committed people, proved to be a hit. The personal role-playing game skills of the programmers and the team manager were also important.

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Swave app is a customer card at city or municipality level and an individual loyalty card for local merchants. It helps local governments and retailers boost local consumption within an all-in-one platform.

Consequently, consumers automatically save money in various ways while paying cashless at participating retailers. They save money in the form of cashback (money paid back onto their account) or points (for material rewards or vouchers).

Shopping, car parking, other local services. After downloading an app and securely linking it to a bank account by a customer, everything goes automatically and fastly, both for customers and retailers. Payments made locally are tracked, loyalty points are being gathered, rewards are ready to choose (or a percentage of every transaction is going back to a customer's account).

For retailers it is a way to say "thank you" for customers' loyalty. For customers it's a way to get rewards and discounts by supporting retailers locally. S(w)aving is easy!

The client weren’t satisfied with the quality of an existing app, so asked Leaware for help with the development. The idea was to create all-in-one solution, without scanning separate customer cards or QR codes.

After taking this project, Leaware's team started working on cleaning the code and refactoring, building an app in Flutter both for Android and iOS, improving its quality and functionalities. The whole system for automatic cashback and loyalty points was set up. Leaware successfully met the needs of the startup, helping them achieve their goals and preparing their app to scale up.

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