Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej w Radomiu - mobile app

For the Skansen in Radom - one of the biggest Village Museum in Poland we have prepared a solution consisting of mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows phone platforms connected with administration panel, which allows you to manage the database of POIs, events and content available to users.

The application was created because of the need to modernize sightseeing opportunities in such a large facility that is the Museum of Radom Village, which consists of several buildings scattered over a large area. For this reason, the application is equipped with the following features:
  • Map, which covers all  objects in the museum area. In addition, the map works offline.
  • Information about all POIs (objects) within the museum with pictures, text and multimedia content
  • The list of attractions - in order to facilitate the possibility of exploring places of interest for visitors
  • Events - list of events, along with detailed information about each event.
  • Virtual walk - functionality that allows you to add selected objects to the tour route
  • Textual content - information for visitors such as the pricing, opening hours of the museum
It is worth mentioning that all the functions of the application are supported from the administration panel (CMS) and the fact that the application works offline - after the first data synchronization, visitors don't need to  have access to the Internet to use the application while visiting the museum.

The application also has been integrated with the portal TripAdvisor.

Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej w Radomiu
Cross platform development, Xamarin, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, ASP.NET
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