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When the first version of your product is released, an uninterrupted process called product development begins.

Product development is constant work on the solution, including developing new versions, maintenance, monitoring, collecting feedback from users and improving the solution. This process is a part of product management, so that it even better fits the unmet needs of users and grows to meet the customer's business goals. 

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We can help you with these challenges

Sometimes challenges with product development may occur. It is important to ask then:  

  • Does your team deliver new versions of your product as you expect ?

  • Is quality of your product on expected level? 

  • Do users of your product use it as it was designed and planned? 

  • Do users request lot of changes?


Why Leaware ?

We are effective because we have tools and methods that we have developed by helping many of our clients for years. As a result, our clients meet the deadlines for the implementation of subsequent product development areas.  
We will provide you with a competence base and technological support regardless of the challenge you face while developing your digital product. 

Leaware is a solid technological partner you can trust. 

How do we start ?

Step 1 - Assessment 

We always start cooperation with verifying at what stage of product development you are and what challenges you are currently facing. Based on the analysis of your needs, we can offer you a process of improving the quality of the product and further development. Problem Discovery & Problem Definition methodologies help to make us sure that we are building the right software. Solution Discovery & Concept Validation methodologies ensure us that the created solution do solve the pain points of the users.

Step 2 - Product development and management 

We can help you with implementing findings into your current product development process. We can support you with processes, tools and the right people. We will help you find product-market fit, scale the product, measure the effects and manage the team effectively. 



We help you build the right software. Together we design features based on feedback from users.



We help you build the software right. We develop new versions of product and maintain production.



We help you constantly discover unmet needs of your users. 
By meeting those needs your product will be better and better.



We take care of infrastructure maintenance: backups, recovery, usage of cloud services, infrastructure monitoring.



We monitor your app to be sure that everything works as it should.



If anything unexpected happens, we make sure that problem is solved as soon as possible

If you’re not sure in which area we can help you, download our free checklist and start diagnosing problems with your app development.



Let’s talk about your challenge

We are here to help! Our specialists can help you in setting your goals, describing features, 
estimating budget for your project or detecting problem areas in your software development. 
We have right tools, processes and people. Ask us any question.

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