The foundation of Leaware's customer satisfaction policy is based on “Customer Orientation”. We reform our procedures constantly in accordance with the customer’s demands and expectations and target building long term relationships with our customers.


In order to maintain customer satisfaction, it is evaluated whether the customer’s conditions are met or not, and the changing expectations of the customer, to be announced to the employees, product improvement works are performed, the smallest dissatisfaction about the product is taken into consideration and reform procedures are carried out.

Every feedback received from our customers is perceived as a gift. We use all our resources resulting from our experience based on long years and our customer-oriented service, to convert these feedbacks into “customer satisfaction“.

Leaware follows a customer oriented approach where customers can report their demands and dissatisfactions easily, where these are dealt with objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, managed in a way that is not against the legal conditions and our company policy, necessary reforms and checks are carried out constantly to avoid the occurrence of the same dissatisfaction, transparency is predicated upon in customer relations and resolving all customer dissatisfactions is perceived as the main principle.

For many services we offer trial period when you can check quality of our services and if you will not be satisfied from the results, we will not invoice you. Please ask us for details.