Secure and safe communication platform between your company and your clients.

Do you want your employees to communicate with clients from anywhere in the world in a safe and professional way?  You need to make it easy to use, and secure? 


We deliver platforms that enables secure and controllable communication between your employees and clients. Secure video chat, employee and customer authorization with AI support. Schedule, statistics and analysis. 

Your employees are always
 available to clients

  • Your employees are always available to clients. Selected employees use the mobile application through which they communicate with clients

  • Your people can work remotely

  • Employees can help clients without having to meet in person

You build customer
 relationships faster

  • You make it easier for customers to contact your employees

  • You are expanding your customer base

  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, it's easier to communicate with clients who speak other languages

The highest level of security

  • Video calls can be recorded

  • You can additionally recognise and analyse customer behaviour

  • The collected data is at your disposal - you do not share it as in the case of available messengers on the market


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Mobile apps dedicated for your clients and for your employees. We deliver dedicated app or we integrate with your current solution.

  • secure authentication

  • secure video and chat

  • very simple meeting booking

  • automate recording

  • translations in real time

  • screen sharing

  • calendar integrations


Desktop screen sharing when required - for remote help, collaboration, virtual whiteboards



Mix of technologies like azure services, azure voice, zoom, or others. Everything depends of required functionality,

  • secure storage

  • AI services

  • unlimited scalability

  • cloud

  • private cloud

  • on premise


Video chat application is a modern mobile application (iOS, Android) integrated with the Twilio service and a backend hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. The application allows customers to simply communicate with OmaSp bank agents.

Oma Säästöpankki Oy is the largest savings bank in Finland. Oma Säästöpankki serves its 135,000 customers via 39 branches and 250 employees who take care of the highest level of customer satisfaction every day. 

How it works ?

System has two types of users. First one are customers of the bank which have available mobile application on both iOS and Android platform. The second type are Agents which additionally have available for them Web version of the system.Authorization of the users is made via their phone number and special SMS code.

SCENARIO: Call an agent

Given customer is authorized in the application
And selected Agent is available
When customer start the voice call
Then he will be connected with selected Agent via voice call

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SCENARIO: Video calls

Given customer is authorized in the application
And selected Agent is available
When customer start the voice call
Then he will be connected with selected Agent via voice call

SCENARIO: Chat messages

Given Agent has been selected
When chat message feature will be selected
Then customer can write a message to the Agent

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oma_kontrorri 31@2x.png

SCENARIO: Chat message while on call

Given customer is on the call with agent
When chat feature will be activated
Then customer can write chat messages to the agent during the call

SCENARIO: Scheduled meetings

Given I am authorized customer
When I schedule meeting with the agent
Then it will be visible in my upcoming meetings

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oma_kontrorri 33@2x.png

SCENARIO: Meetings calendar

Given I have scheduled meetings as an agent
When I display my meetings
Then I will see my upcoming meetings

SCENARIO: Screen sharing

Given customer got the screen sharing code
And opened the link provided in browser
When customer connects via provided code with the agent
Then Screen sharing functionality will be available