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Beautybox - best beauty services by a few clicks

Beautybox is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows users to search and arrange beauty services in a selected location and connect service providers with their clients. It enables providers to manage their reservations, it simplifies the way clients search for beauty services in their area, book their visits. Beautybox also sends them reminders before their appointments.

Originators of Beautybox wanted to help providers and freelancers  (especially new on the market) to build their own brand, find clients locally, manage their calendars and grow their businesses.

The application consists of two components:

  • for customers looking for beauty services in their area (who want to find the best providers, compare their offers, make reservations)

  • for providers who offer those services (who want to manage their calendars and reservation even if the're offline). 

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Establishing long-term cooperation with a professional, experienced team that meets all customer competence requirements.

Building a stable system enabling continuous development and extensions  in the future (reconciling existing code with changing customer requirements, refining the assumptions, fixing errors in existing code). 

App development and new functionalities implementation.


Beautybox was a startup that wanted to release the first version of its solution on the market as soon as possible. The founders of beautybox already had the first version of the application and specifications of its functionalities. The current version of the solution did not meet their expectations. Poor code quality and the fact that the application has been so far created by two different teams which contributed to the malfunctioning of the entire solution.

Leaware helped them to realize that beauty service providers (potential clients of Beautybox) should be divided into two target groups, with completely different problems and challenges. It was crucial to find an area on that market to focus on at the first stage.

Leaware built a set of iOS and Android apps for a B2B2C platform in the beauty industry. It started with a beta version to test the market before creating the launch version with all required functionalities.

Now Leaware is still working on the app development. Beautybox is a succesfull solution gathering more and more clients, engaging beauty influencers.





Leaware not only performs required tasks, but also presents a very comprehensive knowledge about our business. They have not only been an outsourced company, but have been involved in the decision-making process with a great value added for the entire project.

Leaware accepted the challenge of overtaking the project from another company, with whom we did not experience good results. We should have started this cooperation before.

The final version of an app has seen an increasing volume of downloads with each feature released, raising the platform's value proposition. Leaware continues to add value to the project through their support.

Nuno Monsanto - CEO, beautybox

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