Building and developing a digital product like a mobile app or web app (or other solution) is not an easy job! We understand that you have questions about it. Don't worry, we have more than 11 years of experience in software development and skills to answeryour questions and help you.

We love to be a sparring partner and we love to help people, startups and companies. Don't hesitate to contact us and set up a free online consultation. Ask us anything!

About building and developing your solution, of course.

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Questions we are ready to answer


New digital product

  • How to define the goals for my project?

  • Are the features in my project correctly described?

  • What budget do I need for my MVP?

  • How do I find the right software development partner?

  • How do I check my estimation accuracy?

  • How to collaborate with a remote team?

Product development

  • How can I detect problem areas in my product development?

  • How can I decrease TCO ?

  • How can I increase the quality of my project?

  • How can I deliver faster?


  • What skills do I need in my development team?

  • How should I build the team properly?

  • Freelancer or a software house/product studio?

  • How should I  work with remote developers?

  • How can I minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person?

  • How should I onboard a new developer to your team?

  • How can I maximize the proactivity of developer?


Who will answer your questions?

We will contact you, ask you about the subject and arrange a convenient time to talk to our expert. Each conversation is conducted by our internal consultant based on his/her full experience and knowledge. 

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