Our cooperation model is based on transparency, trust and engagement. We achieve mutual success by building long term relationships with our clients.


Our Mission is helping our Customers in achieving their business goals at every stage of their product development.


People acknowledge and appreciate working in Leaware. We can afford to choose the best of the best applicants thanks to our unique approach to work-life balance.


We focus on cooperation on the client's product, with which we build a strong relationship from the beginning. The whole committed team actively supports the customer throughout the entire product life cycle.


We help in building, validating, and verifying the product.
We create and supply a product that is tailored to current market requirements.


We use modern and recognized methodologies and tools for Product Development. We support the client in all phases with our knowledge, experience, and competences: through early stage, market fit, scaling, to subsequent iterations of changes in productions.


As responsible partner, we work effectively - so as to minimize costs.We always focus on maximizing the benefits and the probability of success.The success of our strategy is based on the people who make Leaware and have Lea-DNA vaccinated.