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Who are we and what we do?

Founded in 2010, Leaware is a product studio specialized in building and developing digital products.

OUR MISSION is to build the software right basing on well understanding of users’ unmet needs. We help our customers to find and define them, to diagnose if the idea of the solution meets those needs. Then we discover together the best solution with features which should be implemented. We also build the right software choosing proper methodologies, frameworks, technologies, tools and processes to solve user’ problems with a solution and to bring business value to our customers. 

OUR GOAL is to build long-term partnerships with our clients.


We create mobile and web applications, we offer custom software solutions tailored to your needs that strengthen your competitive advantage.

Our experts ensure results, deliver on time and within specified budget. Leaware’s team is made of certified developers with extensive experience

in working on various types of projects and in multicultural teams.


Our starting point is to understand the client's vision of the product. When we are creating new products, we focus on user’s unmet needs instead of producing tons of features. We always suggest to build minimum lovelable product with a minimal budget. We have our own methodology called “box” to achieve it.  In the further development of products, we help diagnose problems, we care about effective development and the selection of future functionalities based on changing users’ needs. We take responsibility for product quality and valuable feedback. Leaware clients can count on support and advice at every stage of the product development.

We are fans of combining agile development methodologies with a lean concept of product development or process optimization (Lean Startup and Customer Development). We deeply understand problem discovery process – we are fans of Jobs To Be Done, as well as solution discovery. We do not limit ourselves to technical support, but we actively participate in designing applications, e.g. on the behavioral level (HOOK model) or UX. Our methodology of operation and extensive experience in cooperation with both startups and corporations such as BNP Paribas, AXA, Belfius Bank, E&Y, Japan Tobacco International and Tauron, allow us to run projects extremely efficiently.

We have our offices and representatives in Poland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.


  • Flutter​

  • React Native

  • Xamarin


  • Nodejs/express/ Typescript

  • .NET Core


  • React

  • Angular


  • Azure

  • AWS

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Technologies we work in:



Let’s talk about your challenge

We are here to help! Our specialists can help you in setting your goals, describing features, 
estimating budget for your project or detecting problem areas in your software development. 
We have right tools, processes and people. Ask us any question.

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