Cloud is a service delivery model, in which the client focuses on the value, quality and speed of delivery of results, not on the technical requirements, tools and environments needed for that. The service provider provides the entire technical facilities and its service in such a way that the services are available to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, they must be scalable to handle any increasing customer requirements. For the customer, this means not only the elimination of costs related to the purchase of the server infrastructure of the software, but above all, the lack of high costs of the current maintenance and servicing of this infrastructure.

Business in the cloud. How it's working?

New technological solutions that affect the comfort of our lives are constantly appearing. Cloud is a breakthrough technology that has changed people's way of thinking and improved the efficiency of their work. This technology makes it possible to transfer the entire burden of maintaining IT systems (including data, software or computing power) beyond local, expensive server rooms and enabling permanent access through any client devices - computers, tablets, smartphones or smart devices. Cloud computing allows enterprises to use computing resources, such as virtual machines, mass storage or applications, in the same way as from remote services, always available and from anywhere in the world. This solution gives many tangible benefits for business. First of all, saving - the client pays for the use of a given service, so he does not have to purchase equipment and software. The cloud also means greater security, flexibility and eliminating the burdens associated with the large amount of stored data. This solution also means greater availability. Just log in from any computer with access to the Internet to start using the benefits of cloud computing. On a daily basis, we do not realize that many companies from various industries use cloud solutions. We use them often without knowing it. E-mail, virtual disks like Dropbox, or libraries like iBooks are a great example of this. Cloud streamens business processes of companies in many industries. As experts in the IT industry, we will help you implement cloud solutions in your company. Check what we can do for you. 

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