BDD (Behavior Driven Development )

BDD is a philosophy of creating solutions in such a way that they are understandable both for the client and the team of programmers.

A better understanding of the client's needs

BDD is a methodology that allows you to avoid problems associated with poor understanding of requirements by individual team members. Thanks to BDD, from the moment of collecting the requirements and documenting them with examples, all the people involved, both on the Leaware side and on the client's side, understand the challenges that we have to face in exactly the same way. It is also important that the collected requirements become also acceptance criteria, which helps in measuring the quality of the delivered project and the degree of its implementation.

Requirements created at the beginning of work with the client in the BDD methodology are saved using the Gherkin language. Such a record is unambiguous, transparent and most importantly - easy to understand for all interested parties. Requirements in Gherkin have a characteristic syntax: functionalities are described through scenarios. Each functionality described by means of scenarios fulfills the client's business goal.
BDD provides programming teams and management teams with common tools to work on software development.
Importantly, the developed scenarios can be easily used as automated application tests. What improves testing, detecting and fixing errors and creating so-called Living documentation.

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