Digitalized, decentralized, public book of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain technology is a block chain for storing and sending information about transactions concluded online, which are arranged in the form of consecutive blocks of data. It is a constantly growing chain of recent transactions, which are recorded and added to it in chronological order, enabling market participants to track digital currency transactions without intermediaries and to keep records central.

Blockchain a revolution in the way of collecting, settling and saving transactions

Blockchain is a technology that allows you to perform any transactions in a distributed registry - each participant of the network has access to copies of all transactions, so no one can manipulate and reverse those that have occurred in the past. The key is to perform any transaction in a distributed registry. The specific implementation in this case is bitcoin. Bitcoin is nothing more than simple transactions that state: person A sends the amount of cryptocurrencies to the person B. In Blockchain, we can perform any operation - much more advanced than the simple transmission of the selected amount of cryptocurrency. This technology is based on peer-to-peer networks without management systems and central computers. Each computer in the network can participate in the transfer and authentication of transactions. There are many possibilities to use this technology in various business processes. Blockchain can be used to handle various types of commercial transactions, banking books, authentication of documents or replace digital signatures in administration. In blockchain data blocks, you can store any type of data, so there are many possibilities to use this technology. What is important, this system is very safe - with the current computing power of computers it is unbreakable. Blockchain has already gained recognition in the financial or energy industry. These technologies have revolutionized the way transactions are collected and settled, and certainly more and more industries will use them in the future. We know how to use blockchain to support the development of your business. As experts, we are constantly expanding our competences in this area. See how blockchain can change the face of your business.

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Leaware SA, with its registered office at 86/1 Perkuna, in Warsaw, is the controller of your personal data.