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Floud is an application facilitating mobile ticket sales office that has revolutionized the approach to the organization of events. Floud is a combination of a promotion platform with a simple and cheap ticket sale channel for events. The application is offered free of charge to both organizers and consumers. The solution offers an easy configuration of events, without the need for additional agreements. In Addition Floud does not charge subscription fees. The whole idea is based on viral marketing. Application users invite their friends to participate in events creating a dynamically developing network of ticket sales and promotions.


Floud is a Finnish startup that appeared on the market in 2017. The originators of the solution saw great potential in the entertainment industry to develop and enhance the organization of various types of events. They wanted to create an application that would combine a viral promotion with a mobile ticket sales channel. The founders of Floud had a ready-made application, but they needed support from a team of professionals who introduced necessary modifications and implemented and integrated a designed solution.

Goals and expectations

Professional system

Launch of a professional application enabling viral sale and promotion of tickets for events

Convenience and mobility

Implementation of solutions that will make it easier for users to use the application

Simple buying

Maximum simplification of the purchase process of tickets for events

„We are building the most social ticket office in the world for buying tickets for event going guests and also for organizing events and selling tickets (…) Leaware takes care of technical development. We have prepared the idea, concept and layouts, and they are doing all the technical stuff”

Samu Saastamoinen & Janne Haila

owners Floud



the application allows the user to easily start selling tickets for an event without the need to sign separate contracts and pay startup fees. The user can create their own event and invite their friends to participate, who will be able to invite more people. The organizer of the event can reward guests who have invited the most friends by assigning them the status of ambassador. The application allows the user to observe the sale of tickets in real time, the number of people interested in the event and the number of tickets purchased. The solution also offers a simple billing system. The fee for the sale of tickets is paid directly to the bank account of the organizer after 3 business days from the event. The organizer's payments are net payments and a 5% commission is deducted and paid to Floud for services rendered.


the user can easily search for events that interest them invite their friends and buy a ticket without additional costs or commissions. The purchased ticket is generated in the application immediately after the purchase. The user can also buy a ticket for their friend. The purchased ticket will be sent directly to their account in the Floud application, and if the user friends does not make the account, the ticket will be sent to them via SMS. The user of the application can communicate with other users and the event organizer via the chat. In addition. In addition, the user can see who of their friends bought a ticket for the event and how many friends participated in the event. Floud informs the user when the participants arrived on the day of the event. By inviting more friends, the user has the chance to gain the status of amassador, and with it new privileges. The organizer rewards the Ambassador with a discount on a ticket or a VIP card with the priority of entering the event.

Implemented solutions


he owner of the application has access to the administration panel, which allows them to manage users, pay commissions, view sales, manage organizations and export data to csv files.


SEPA bank transfer (payments for organizers), Payment highway (payments), NEXMO (SMS), Sendgrid (email), Hockeyapp (trial versions of the application)


the application is adapted and designed for: iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safar, MS Edge.


application available in two language versions: Finnish and English.


ShoutBox, Sengrid and Nexmo platforms were selected for communication. ShoutBox is a free chat that works in real time and allows site users to communicate. Sendgrid is a platform for sending emails through the world's largest online platform for delivering e-mail in the cloud. Nexmo, on the other hand, provides innovative SMS and voice communication features that enable applications and enterprises to easily connect with clients.



is a technology that allows you to create native Android / iOS applications using C # and the .NET platform. By using this technology, approximately 80% of the application code between the platforms is shared. This means that the programmer does not have to write a separate application for Android and iOS, which shortens the project duration and its costs. Xamarin also allows you to easily develop application functionality in the future.

is a set of technologies based on a framework designed by Microsoft. It is intended for the construction of various Internet applications as well as XML Web Services.


is an open framework (frame for building applications) and a platform for creating SPA (web applications on a single page), written in TypeScript and supported and developed by Google.


is a library that allows you to easily visualize and use the application programming interface (API) while creating its documentation.

MS Azure

is a Microsoft cloud platform created in the PaaS model. It provides mechanisms to process data and store them.


The Floud application was published in May 2017, since then 5797 tickets for 144 events have been sold through it. The solution has collected positive feedback from users, and the number of application downloads is constantly increasing. Intuitive, easy to use and cost-free solution won the recognition of both event organizers and its participants. Users of the application appreciate it primarily for ease of use, maximum simplification of the shopping process and the ability to invite and interact with friends' events.


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