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Hempel is one of the world's largest paint coatings supplier for decorative, land, maritime, container and yacht segments. The company's main goal is to guarantee customers better protection and greater sustainability of investments. Hempel, therefore, focuses on research and development, introducing modern production methods and providing professional advice on painting solutions. Thanks to over 100 years of experience in the market, the company is a world leader in the field of protective coating technologies. Currently, Hempel has around 6,000 people in 80 countries, providing customers with trusted and valued solutions all over the world.





Hempel is a global supplier of paint coatings taking part in many industry trade fairs around the world. As an experienced exhibitor, Hempel is well aware of the problems associated with encouraging potential clients to stop at a company’s trade fair stand and interact. Hempel needed a solution that would engage potential customers in an interesting way, and thus increase the number of visitors to the booth.


„We worked with Leaware S.A. on a facial recognition app which uses Artificial Intelligence. That was a great experience to cooperate with them – everything went smoothly and all (minor) issues were solved immediately. The project was finished on time and I hope we will cooperate in the future. I would recommend Leaware S.A. as a trustworthy and professional partner.”  



Magdalena Marek

Project Manager Digital Solutions / Hempel



Anyone who approaches the camera is analyzed. The user sees the costumers face on the monitor, along with information of the persons potential age, gender and emotions. The application also informs the user how many times the face was already recognized , the time since the last diagnosis, the time of the person in front of the camera, etc. Addition aly, the system allows recognition of people based on previous machine training on human faces.


has access to statistics generated by the application. The solution collects data regarding the number of clients (number of faces) who have interacted with it, the number of unique faces detected, age range, gender, time spent in front of the camera, etc. The administrator also has the option of assigning lables / names for a given person. The camera can examine the emotions of customers while watching the company's offer and signal the interest of the potential client.

Implemented solutions


The platform is available in English


the application is available for Windows 10


Azure Cognitive Services (Face API)


The application collects information on: number of detected faces of men and women, number of all detected faces, number of uniques faces, number of people aged 0 to 15, number of people aged 16 to 19, number of people aged 20 to 29, number of people aged 30 to 39, number of people aged 40 to 49, number of people aged 50 and above, ID, detected time of first face detection, time of last face detection, time spent in front of the camera and information about emotions. The application also presents the probability of a person being in any given emotional state.


UWP(Universal Windows Platform)

an API created by Microsoft and for the first time used in Windows 10. Its purpose is to facilitate the writing of universal applications, working both on computers and telephones, Xbox One consoles and HoloLens glasses, the need to purchases these devices, instead they come in a single package.

Azure Cognitive Services

a technology that allows you to add to your applications, sites and produces a smart algorithm that allows you to perceive, hear, speak and interpret user needs with natural communication methods.

Machine learning

self-learning of machines - a field that is part of the sciences dealing with artificial intelligence (AI )The main goal is the practical application of achievements in the field of artificial intelligence to create an automatic system that can improve using the accumulated experience (data) and acquire new knowledge on that basis.


The Hempel Smile app successfully made its debut at two Hempel company events. The solution was very popular among colleagues who were curious to test the new trade fair tool. The main assumption of the project has been realised - the application is an element encouraging potential clients to approach the company's stand and interact. Among the testers, there was a great interest in the new technology. During the presentation of the solution to internal branches of the company, there were interesting suggestions regarding new functionalities and application possibilities.

Possibilities of development
• work is currently underway on the development and implementation of various application scenarios
• Creating new functionalities for recording and recognizing voice


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