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Trooper is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organizations through online purchasing for everyday items. The use of the website is free, both for buyers and the social organizations using the Trooper platform.



Trooper was a start-up which appeared on the market in 2016. Its originators then launched the first prototype version of this website based on the WordPress system. Initially, the service operated 5 non-profit organization and amateur technological solutions prevented the smooth functioning of the entire system. Trooper's founders knew that their concept worked they only needed tools that would provide the platform with success.



Goals and expectations


Programming a professional system enabling constant development and expansion of the website


Development and introduction of new functionalities that will improve processes related to the functioning of the platform


Creating solutions that will develop a more user friendly website. Launching of a mobile application

We have met Tomasz from Leaware via another starter,  Thanks to their good recommendations, we decided to work together with leaware.  We have been working closely together for almost 2 years now and have had ups & downs, but we are still happy with our choice and believe that Leaware is a good partner to build our Trooperplatform.  They always try to solve issues very constructive and handle feedback very carefully

Elisabet Lamonte

Owner /Trooper



Trooper is a basic application user, supporting non- profit organization through online shopping. The application allows the user to choose an association that he wants to support. After entering basic personal data, the user can go to the store website and make purchases. A percentage of all purchases will be transferred to the selected non – profit organization , and the user will receive a confirmation email detailing the contribution.


Each user can independently add a non – profit organization to the Trooper platform. It then gains SuperTrooper status and special privileges. The user can access the dashboard of the non-profit organization and add other super troopers, view summaries and statistics (how many Trooper there are in the program, how much the non – profit organization earned)
and edit basic descriptions, photos and more for the non-profit orgaizations.


The last type of user is the administrator managing the Trooper platform. This user has access to tools that can summarize all transactions, combine transactions with relevant non-profit organizations, issue summaries, transfer money to user accounts and manage cooperating stores.

Implemented solutions


integrated livechat enabling real-time communication with website visitors, the ability to send messages to using the form, the ability to send e-mails to selected or all users

COMMUNICATION PLATFORM and Sendgrid platforms were selected for communication. is an online chat application, and a fully personalized widget, automated triggers or multi-person conversations are just some of the many options available in the application. Sendgrid is a platform for sending emails through the world's largest online platform for delivering e-mail in the cloud.


a platform available in Flemish


the application is adapted and designed for: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Ms Edge, Internet Explorer and a mobile version of the application is in preparation


Sendgrid (EMAIL), Tradetracker, Netaffiliation, Awin and Cj Affiliate (AFFILATION), Performance Horizon (MANAGEMENT PARTNERS), (CONTACT MANAGEMENT), Sepa (PAYMENTS), Google analytics and Facebook Pixel (ANALYTICS)


the administration panel allows you to manage users, search for users, block or delete individual accounts. It also allows you to view existing transactions made by users, assign them to specific non – profit organization analyze the number of transactions, sources, etc.


is a set of technologies based on a framework designed by Microsoft. It is intended for the construction of various Internet applications as well as XML Web Services.

MS Azure

is a Microsoft cloud platform created in the PaaS model. It provides mechanisms to process data and store them.


is a relational database management system that extends the functionality of the MS SQL Server system and is implemented in a cloud Microsoft system that offers data storage as part of Microsoft Azure.


is a library that allows you to easily visualize and use the application programming interface (API) while creating its documentation.

2111 registered non - profit organizations

42,175 purchases made through the websites of non - profit organizations cooperating with Trooper

144,128 EURO total purchase amount, transferred to non - profit organizations that are part of the Trooper network


Trooper was a huge success. Within 2.5 years of implementation of the solutions developed for the needs of the system, the database of service non – profit organization increased by 40120%. The simple to use, cost-free system to help non - profit organizations is constantly expanding the group of users supporting the website. Thanks to the interest of the largest, Belgian media agency Studio100, the website is recording a dynamic growth of interest, and its range is constantly growing.


● work is currently underway on a mobile application that allows internal communication of non - profit organizations

● creating a solution that will enable the support of several non - profit organizations under one purchase


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