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COWI is a global, leading consulting group, founded in 1930. Since then, the company has been pushing the boundaries of urban infrastructure design through involvement in one of the most prestigious projects in the world. The COWI team consists of over 6000 specialists from around the world specializing in engineering, economics and environmental sciences. The company's offices are located all over the world, combining global presence with local knowledge, and as a result, the projects meet the needs of society.Over 85 years of experience of the company allows you to face everyday challenges in order to create the best possible solutions for your clients.


COWI as a leader in the industry, who regularly supports over 12,000 projects, understands the problems connected with managing many projects at the same time. The company employs thousands of specialists who, outside the office, do their work in the field. COWI needed a solution that would greatly improve the team's work during daily inspections of facilities in the field. The company already had a ready-made, implemented solution, it needed a team that would introduce the necessary modifications.

Goals and expectations


introducing necessary modifications that will improve the functioning of the application and improve the team's work


verification and correction of errors in the original application code


refreshing the appearance of the application and rewriting the mobile part to other technologies.

The Leaware team has prepared a new version of the COWI Field Notes application for us. The current version generated a lot of errors and it was necessary to improve the original application code. We also needed to refresh the application layout, which was also the responsibility of the Leaware team. The team's great knowledge and professionalism made the work very efficient. The end result is very satisfying.

Jesper Lauridsen

Senior Digital Architect COWI



can quickly and easily create documentation regarding the controlled object. The application allows the user to take pictures, create notes and annotations, design drawings and save maps. Collected data can be send to the appropriate project page in SharePoint.


has access to the administration panel where all reports sent by users are collected. The administrator can manage applications, view statistics and create appropriate actions for a given application.

Implemented solutions


a SharePoint platform was chosen for the communication solution. The data sent by users are transferred to WorkFlow SharePoint, where they are analyzed.


application available in one language version - English.


the application is available and intended for IOS and Android.


Active Directory (database), SharePoint (data sharing) and MS Exchange (email) Microsoft Power Bi (data analysis, reporting)


the administration panel of the solution is based on the SharePoint platform, on which data sent by users and generated reports are collected. For the purpose of the solution, a Microsoft Power Bi tool was also used to analyze data and report design and is associated with a set of online services such as publishing and sharing.


MS Azure

is a Microsoft cloud platform created in the PaaS model. It provides mechanisms to process data and store them.

is a set of technologies based on a framework designed by Microsoft. It is intended for the construction of various Internet applications as well as XML Web Services.


is a library that allows you to easily visualize and use the application programming interface (API) while creating its documentation.


is a technology that allows you to create native Android / iOS applications using C # and the .NET platform. By using this technology, approximately 80% of the application code between the platforms is shared. This means that the programmer does not have to write a separate application for Android and iOS, which shortens the project duration and its costs. Xamarin also allows you to easily develop application functionality in the future.

Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL)

a database management system, supported and distributed by the Microsoft corporation.


The COWI Field Notes application has completely revolutionized the process of collecting and reporting site inspection data by field employees. By introducing the necessary modifications and improving the code, the solution works more efficiently, and the errors that have appeared so far have been completely eliminated. The new, refreshed layout of the application makes it more user-friendly. COWI Field Notes collects and generates a huge number of reports every day, thanks to which a company can continuously improve the quality of its services.


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