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Instruction for Startup owner. Part 2

How to lose your money, time, investors and the market. Vision, goals, and requirements.

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Trooper is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organizations through online purchasing for everyday items.

Tomasz Soroka

Customer Development


After LPCC meetup in Luxemburg where, together with Joona Mäntyvaara we were talking about "Building the right software and building it right", we have got a lot of question from you! Thank you for that! That’s why we decided to record first Q&A session about Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).

Tomasz Soroka

Lean Startup

Instruction for Startup owner

# Get to know Mark Mark is an entrepreneur who decided to build a great startup. The idea was around application for connecting service providers with clients in the housekeeping industry. Because he is a quite experienced business developer and unlike to tech backgrounded people, he started from evaluating if his business idea can be transformed into a monetized business. Good move!

Tomasz Soroka


ASP.NET Core - many contexts, many databases

Implementation of the first, working version of the system usually does not involve any major problems - the programmers receive previously prepared documentation, adapt their development environments and start working. After x-hours of development, y-hours of testing and z-hours of conversations with clients, the implementation department receives a green light - we start to implement the service on the production server. Everything went according to plan, the application works flawlessly, and we count the next unique users using the service. Unfortunately, one element was not foreseen - the exponentially growing size of the database.

Michał Bethke

Customer Development

Lean Startup in Dropbox

Most of You probably heard about Dropbox - if not - I can only recommend it as really cool and useful tool for storing documents in the cloud and sharing them with others. But interesting is how Dropbox was built as a company...

Tomasz Soroka


Creating cross-platform Xamarin applications using the MvvmCross framework

This article outlines the basic principles and mechanisms of the MvvmCross framework, which facilitates the creation of loosely coupled, maintainable and testable mobile solutions. There are many tested methods of organising projects to create an individual architecture for each project based on a Shared Project or Portable Class Library. However, it is more effective to use a ready-made cross-platform frame solution, which will define the structure and basic mechanisms of its operation; will provide a set of libraries, components and plugins; which speeds up the development process. Among many popular frameworks, such as Xamarin.Forms, ReactiveUI, FreshMvvm or Prism, MvvmCross deserves special attention. It offers a good compromise between a high quality UX (User Experience) and the amount of code shared across projects.


Windows 10 UWP

Programming mobile applications for virtual reality in Windows

Performance of the modern smartphones is good enough to make extend their basic functionality for mobile virtual reality (VR) purposes. To make your smartphone VR-enabled you only need to a suitable hardware module, which thanks to the Google Cardboard project can be as cheep as a cup of Starbucks coffee! It’s a springboard to entirely new use of smartphones and therefore — to creating a new branch of mobile applications, which does not require expensive equipment. In this article, I present basic aspects of mobile VR programming in Windows with Unity 3D and ALPS VR SDK.

Dawid Borycki

Lean Startup

AAR – In other words, how to learn from your mistakes quickly?

In the article, " The Holy Grail of startup management does not exist. " I talked about implementing BAR methodology (Before Action Review), which allowed us to prepare the team and our client to cooperate. Now it’s time to look at the effects using the After Action Review (AAR) method.

Zbigniew Waz


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