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We are a Polish softwarehouse that provides comprehensive solutions for the global market. Leaware is a team of professionals from the IT industry that helps you achieve your clients' business goals on a daily basis. By focusing on building long-term relationships with clients, we create solutions that change their business to a better one. Many years of experience in working with various clients allowed us to understand that efficient communication is the key to successfully implementing projects.

8 years

We've been with you for 8 years.


We have 210 projects completed together.


We spent 2160 thousand developer hours working on joint success.


We have 140 mobile applications and we do not hesitate to use them

Why Leaware?

We specialize in the optimization of business processes using modern technologies. Our solutions integrate mobile technologies (native iOS, Android and cross-platform - Xamarin) with Internet and Intranet technologies - both cloud solutions, such as Azure or AWS, as well as hybrid ones, maintained by clients. We are fans of combining the methodology of agile development with the lean concept, the concept of product development and process optimization (Lean Startup and Customer Development). We do not limit ourselves to technical support, but we actively participate in designing applications, e.g. on the behavioral level (HOOK model) or UX. Rich experience in cooperation with corporations (including BNP Paribas, AXA, Belfius Bank, E & Y, Japan Tobacco International, Tauron) and startups (over 15 projects) allows for extremely effective project management. We feel great when outbox solutions are inadequate when using, among other things, advanced Azure services.

Leaware is made up of certified developers with extensive experience in working on various types of projects and in multicultural teams. We believe that the exchange of experiences within the project team, close cooperation and mutual complementation of its members, is the key to providing the client with a solution tailored to his needs. Thanks to this approach, the Leaware team is able to offer comprehensive services at the highest level. Our specialists in offices in Poland, Germany, Finland and Luxembourg take care of the best code and customer satisfaction.


The concentration of business on long-term customer relationships has transformed Leaware into the company it is today. Through a continuous dialogue, we can accurately identify needs and propose solutions that solve our clients' business problems and fully satisfy their needs. Thanks to the full transparency of cooperation, we establish long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. Experience and professionalism allow us to quickly solve problems at every stage of cooperation with the client. Recognition of the client's needs and close cooperation during the implementation of projects are a guarantee of success, every undertaking. 

How do we work?

Good and productive cooperation is based on mutual understanding, trust and building relationships. Each project starts with a detailed analysis of the client's business and market environment. Then, we discuss the goals and expectations of our clients in detail. During work, we use different project management methodologies to make the best use of the client's time, resources and money. We make sure that your company or product develops through close cooperation with us. When you start working with Leawere, you become part of our team.

Our motto

At Leaware, we follow the principle: "Build the Right Software. Build the Software right. ".

What does it mean?

The success of the projects that we create for our clients consists of two things: first of all the highest quality code, created in accordance with best practices such as BDD + DDD + TDD, certified specialists, secondly Leaware work and communication methodology, which is a determinant of quality and the guarantor of the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Leaware is primarily people. Contact us and check what we can do for you

Managing Partner

Tomasz Soroka

Managing Partner

Zbigniew Waz


Sebastian Kowalski


Bartosz Dobrzelecki


Our Certificates

Leaware is created by certified developers with extensive knowledge within their competences. Knowledge is our strength.


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